Our house made creamy coconut curry sauce takes center stage in this delicious meal, served with a rainbow of veggies, tofu & tossed with tender rice noodles.

Bangkok Coconut Curry Tofu Bowls


8 oz Tofu

8 oz rice noodles

2 oz ginger/onion/garlic mixture

8 oz vegetable stock

8 oz Zest Coconut Curry Sauce*

8 oz veggie mix (carrot, green onion, broccoli)

1 oz lime (1/2)

1 oz cilantro

2 oz purple cabbage


*Coconut Curry Sauce: Red curry paste (contains traces of shellfish), coconut milk, soy sauce, chili paste



Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper



2 x Large skillet

Chopping board and knife

Wooden spoon

Medium pot

Bangkok Coconut Curry Tofu Bowls

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Calories................... 399

Carbohydrates........ 45g

Fat........................... 23g

Protein...................... 4.8g

Sodium.................... 883mg

*Approximate Values Based On My Fitness Pal


    Bring a pot filled with water to a boil

    Pat tofu dry with paper towel and cut into bit size pieces

    Finely chop cilantro

    Slice lime into 2 wedges

    Slice cabbage into thin pieces for garnish


      Step 1: Cook Noodles

      Add noodles to boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water. Set aside.

      Step 2: Make the sauce

      Heat a drizzle of oil in a large saucepan. Add the onion/garlic/ginger mix, stir fry for 2-3 minutes. Add curry sauce & veggie stock and let simmer for 10 minutes – it should thicken slightly.

      Step 3: Cook veggies & tofu

      In another large skillet, heat a drizzle of oil over high heat. Add the veggie mix and stir fry for about 5 minutes. Add tofu and cook for 5-8 minutes, until the shrimp start to turn pink. Add the noodles and toss around in the pan.

      Step 4: Finish the dish

      Add the sauce and toss to coat noodles evenly.

      Step 5: To serve

      Divide noodles, tofu and veggies into two bowls. Scoop up any extra sauce and pour over. Top with  cabbage, sprinkle with cilantro and serve with lime wedge, making sure to squeeze over the food before eating.