These tacos pack some heat and amazing flavor and are a great meatless option for any day of the week. We serve it with roasted sweet potatoes and ranch dipping sauce for a meal everyone will be craving again.

Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos with Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges


12 oz cauliflower florets

6 oz GF flour

6 oz milk

1 oz zesty house blend

6 oz hot sauce

4 oz cabbage carrot blend

6 oz corn tortillas

10 oz sweet potatoes

2 oz cilantro

6 oz avocado crema

2 oz slaw dressing

2 oz garlic powder

4 oz ranch dipping sauce



Olive oil

Salt & pepper



Baking sheet lined with aluminum foil for cauliflower

Baking sheet or oven safe dish for sweet potatoes

2 x large bowls

Large skillet


Cutting board and knife

Box grater

Aluminum foil


Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos with Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

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    Preheat oven to 425 degrees

    Place hot sauce in a large bowl

    Cut the sweet potatoes lengthwise into 1-inch-wide wedges

    Thinly slice the cabbage

    Shred/grate carrots

    Remove leaves from stem and roughly chop cilantro

    Line a sheet pan (or two depending on size) with aluminum foil


      Step 1: Prepare & roast the sweet potatoes:

      Place potatoes on sheet pan or oven proof dish. Drizzle with olive oil and season zesty house blend; toss to coat. Arrange potatoes in an even layer, skin side down. Roast 25 to 30 minutes, or until browned and tender when pierced with a fork. Remove from the oven.

      Step 2: Batter & bake cauliflower

      Whisk flour, milk, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Dip cauliflower pieces in the batter and let excess drip off. Place on parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake on an upper rack for 20-25 minutes until crisped and browned.

      Step 3: Make Slaw

      In a medium bowl toss cabbage, carrots and slaw dressing together. Season with salt and pepper and place in fridge.

      Step 4: Finish cauliflower and warm tacos

      Remove from oven, gently toss the baked cauliflower in a bowl with the hot sauce. Set aside. Warm a skillet over medium heat. Add corn tortillas and heat on each side for about 1 minute until slightly browned. Repeat for each tortilla and wrap in aluminum foil to keep warm.

      Step 5: To serve

      Fill each tortilla with slaw, cauliflower, a drizzle of avocado crema, and cilantro. Serve with roasted sweet potato wedges and ranch dipping sauce.